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Completed asphalt driveway - Boya - Perth hills

ee previous entry for the before photo showing the old, worn roadbase / gravel hardstand driveway. Ruts can be seen where water run off has created an uneven surface. While uneven and unsightly, the hardstand (roadbase / gravel / limestone) driveway was a solid foundation for us to build on, so the contaminated top layer of roadbase was scraped away, a fresh new hardstand (roadbase / gravel / limestone - in this case roadbase) was then added to form a new solid basecourse, ready to be sealed with asphalt / bitumen / hotmix. We also used this opportunity to create a camber in the driveway to create fall off the driveway onto the surrounding garden bed (rather than allowing water to flow like a river down the middle of the driveway and out on to the road). The entire driveway was then sealed with a fresh layer of red gravelpave hotmix (bitumen / asphalt) with 1% oxide (also called red oxide asphalt). The main part of the driveway was very steep but our experienced workcrew had no problems, and we do not charge any extra for steep driveways. This photo was taken immediately after the job was finished, so the red oxide has not had a chance to oxidise yet, and it will lighten in the future to become the light red / orange colour that many Perth hills residents will be familiar with. This property owner chose not to install kerbing on the sides of the driveway for two reasons - 1) they prefer the less formal look aesthetically, and 2) water run off was a major issue on this very steep driveway and having no edging allowed the water to run into the surrounding garden beds more easily. This asphalt / bitumen / hotmix driveway will now last for many more years.

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