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Jane Brook - residential driveway - crossover - steep

The first two photos show the existing crossover and hardstand driveway to a newly built house in the Perth hills suburb of Jane Brook.

The existing hardstand surface which was contaminated with sand was excavated and removed.

The sub-base was levelled prior to a minimum 100mm thick layer of roadbase was laid, levelled, compacted and waterbound.

Once the newly laid hardstand surface had dried out the area was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and a 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite/gravelpave red asphalt with 1% oxide was laid to form a newly sealed crossover, parking bay and driveway.

The area was covered with sand to allow for immediate vehicle use and to deter scuff marks.

The sand will naturally disperse over a short period of time with the elements and the surface will oxidise over the summer months and lighten in colour.

We left a hardstand roadbase shoulder around the perimeter of the new red asphalt/hotmix to allow for the owners to install their own kerbing/border/limestone wall - yet to be decided.

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