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Kewdale - Industrial - liquid containment - bund

Below are before and after photos of a bunded storage area set up to contain liquids if leaking occurs.

The first three photos show a section of the area marked out with white paint and tacked with a liquid bitumen emulsion to ensure adherence of asphalt.

The last three photos show the finished bund/hump.

A 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix was added to the area, raked to form a 100mm high bund/hump, rolled with a vibrating pedestrian roller and gassed and tidied up with a hand tamper.

Sand was sprinkled over the finished surface to prevent scuffing once the area is driven over with forklifts.

The new hump/bund was connected to existing humps (installed years prior) to cut off a section of the large bunded area into smaller areas.

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