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Armadale - carpark modifications

This Public service centre in Armadale needed urgent carpark modifications to adjust for the COVID situation and expected heightened traffic.

Below are various before and after photos of sections of brick paved traffic islands which had to be removed and asphalted to allow for modified emergency vehicle use.

A couple of the areas were to be used immediately by heavy vehicles and hence were cooled down with water and covered with sand to reduce damage to the newly laid surface.

Sections of the traffic islands were excavated and removed from site.

Roadbase was supplied, installed, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface.

Bitumen tack emulsion and 10mm granite hotmix/asphalt was laid at 50mm thickness.

(the photo immediately below shows part of the brick paved island removed and the area about to be excavated to allow for the installation of roadbase and hotmix/asphalt)

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