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Kelmscott - crossover - asphalt resurface - residential

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Our Company was contacted by the owner of this property to resurface the existing crossover and ramp the surface to meet the existing concrete crossover flush - as the tree roots from an adjacent large tree had lifted the concrete driveway up approximately 100mm without cracking it.

The two photos below show the existing crossover prior to work starting.

Weeds were removed, edges cleaned, vegetation roots dug out and the surface swept clean.

We pre-filled the ramp with compacted asphalt/hotmix.

The surface was then tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a minimum 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black asphalt/hotmix.

The three photos below show the works in progress, steam is visibly rising from the hot surface.

The following four photos show the completed asphalt/hotmix surface.

The edges were trimmed straight and tidied up.

The photo below shows the surface with sand scattered to allow for immediate traffic use without causing any scuffing.

The sand will disperse over the coming days naturally.

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