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Gnangara - driveway - construction - asphalt

Below is an aerial photo of a crossover and large circular driveway in front of a rural property in the Perth suburb of Gnangara

The following 3 photos show the badly worn sections of driveway in need or repair.

Some sections are sand only.

The following 15 photos show the job in progress.

The crossover and circular driveway measure approximately 850m².

The surface was swept clean and scarified.

Sand was removed from sections and prepared for roadbase.

Road was installed, levelled, compacted and waterbound in preparation for asphalt/hotmix being laid.

White paint marks are visible to show the extent of the new asphalt/hotmix surface - leaving a roadbase hardstand shoulder.

Below are a number of images showing various section of the roadbase hardstand driveway construction which can be scrolled through using the arrows on the sides.

Below is an enlarged image from above showing the paint marks as mentioned.

Below are a number of photos with the hotmix/asphalt in the process of being laid .

The roadbase hardstand surface was sprayed with a bitumen tack emulsion and a 25mm layer of 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt was laid and compacted with a vibrating roller.

The edges are in the process of being tidied up and sand is being sprinkled on the surface to allow for immediate use.

Two of the photos show sections of the asphalt still being rolled and compacted.

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